Our God Is Awesome

In his book Our God Is Awesome, Bible teacher Dr. Evans says, “Holiness is the centerpiece of God’s attributes. Of all the things that God is, at the center of His being, He is holy… God’s holiness unlocks the door to understanding and making sense out of everything else about Him.”
This is an important truth for us to understand in relation to heaven and the kind of people who will be there. Dr. Evans goes on to say, “Only one thing happens in heaven: people get to know God. You will spend eternity in heaven getting to know God.”
Since God is perfectly holy and heaven is His dwelling place, it follows that heaven must be a holy place where no sin can exist. That’s exactly what the Bible teaches. The prophet Habakkuk says of God, “Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrong” Habakkuk. 1:13.

Isaiah was given a vision of heaven and of the God of heaven that few others have ever experienced. The prophet’s attention was immediately drawn to the throne where God rules in awe-inspiring majesty and holiness. He saw the angels surrounding the throne who eternally call out the reality of God’s holiness. In fact, over 600 years after Isaiah lived, John heard the same testimony in heaven: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty” Revelation: 4:8. In this heavenly environment of pure holiness, holy people are the only ones who will be at home. Thankfully, through salvation, Jesus Christ clothes us with His holiness so we can stand forgiven and clean in God’s presence. He places His Spirit within us so that Christ is formed in us (Gal. 4:19).
We still have to live in a sin-scarred world, of course, and that can wear us down at times. It’s great to realize that in heaven we will finally be free from the presence and power of sin, both our own sin and the evil that surrounds us. Let’s also remember that God made us holy in Jesus Christ not just to prepare us for heaven in the sweet by-and-by, but so we can live above the pull of sin in the mixed-up here-and-now.
It’s a staggering thought to realize that naturally unholy people like us can look forward to sharing heaven with our sinless God.