An Introduction...

A prophetess, counsellor and deliverance minister in my local church. Diploma in fashion design, millinery and photography.  I gave my life to Christ in 2004, after so many years of ill health.

The most beautiful thing about being born again or given your life to Christ and you are accepted, no one will tell you about the kingdom of God.  The way you think or do things, all change because of the Spirit of God that has taken over and will teach you all things.

Then I became desperate to know more about the word of God, for without the knowledge of word of God, you will not know Him or what is required of you in His kingdom.

I went to Bible Schools, which pointed me to the right direction on how to conduct myself as a child of light (GOD).  As I studied the Word of God every day, my life style was changing, my health improved, then I had the instruction that I must carry my cross and follow Him, Luke 9: 23. that was it.

My Lord Jesus doesn’t simply call us to believe that he existed, or even to believe that He can heal or save us.  He calls us to commit our whole live to Him, to trust Him alone for our Salvation and follow as His disciples did, for that’s the purpose of our being.  For anyone who disobey the call cannot be his disciple Luke 14:27. No greater joy in life than following Christ every day and spreading His gospel.

Dishonouring Authority - A book by Rhoda O Ngozi

This book is about looking at the ways humanity dishonours the authority of God. This includes, Governments, Churches, Schools, Families, and so on. It shows that God is sovereign and deserves the highest honour. God exercises sovereignty over all and sundry. God is the highest authority. Dishonouring God is to treat God, His person and work in a degrading manner that brings shame on His name. In the body of Christ, people are extremely insensitive to this sin, seemingly and surprising unaware that they had despised God and cannot be questioned. No one should arrogate the honour due to God to another. Here both the benefits and the consequences of honouring and dishonouring God are heightened. As our creator and maker, we must honour God with all our heart, strength, spirit and soul. God is to be reverend!